Monday, May 28, 2007

Au Revoir!

Au Revoir!

When I started writing this blog, it was my endeavour to demystify the concept of Mutual Funds so that even a layman can reap the benefits it offers and build his wealth. Now, when the time has come to draw down the curtains, I sincerely believe that I have succeeded in my task. The mysterious monster of Mutual Fund has been reduced to mundane existence with the mantra for mutual fund investing having been passed on to le monde at large.

We undertook a long but pleasant journey - initiation of the idea of Mutual Funds, clarification of the concepts associated with it, savouring of the fund flavours, the raison d’etre for traversing the mutual fund route, working our way up with our wealth-building winners, purchase, redemption, SIP and finally the factors that should figure in the choice of the right financial advisor. This culminates in the successful completion of the matrix.

Armed with this treasure trove of knowledge about Mutual Funds, you can now embark on a safe and profitable journey in the world of mutual funds. Happy investing!

Now that we have come a full circle, it is time to bid adieu but I shall be back with a BANG in September with regular features of topical interest on Mutual Funds. I shall come up with articles on a fortnightly/monthly basis during the intervening three months.

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